Natural Chelation & Detoxifier, Removes Heavy Metals & Toxins, Immune Supporting & PH Balancing, Enhanced With DHQ

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+ What are Toxins?
+ What really are ZEOLITES?
+ What makes ZEOLITE so unique?
+ What are the ingredients contained in ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE™?
+ What makes natural cellular ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE™ better than other major brands of liquid zeolite?
+ What Is Dihydroquercetin (DHQ)?
+ What are Flavonoids?
+ What are Humic Minerals?
+ So what exactly is this miraculous Humic substance?



Eating well and taking vitamins are NOT enough to keep you healthy! You MUST remove toxins & heavy metals from your body. Most aches and pains, memory loss, skin problems, joint pains, as well as significant health problems, can be traced to the accummulation of toxins. Ultra LIQUID ZEOLITE removes toxins and heavy metals! Order now!



Easy to take - no taste or smell - just add to water and drink.



ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE helps support a strong immune system and reduces toxic overload by removing toxins, chemicals & heavy metals. 

  ''ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE - The most important supplement you may EVER take!"


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OUR GUARANTEE: Nearly EVERYONE experiences positive benefits with our ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE.     If you do not experience any positive benefits, call us for a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and we will fully refund your money.  We accept returns of up to one (1) opened and five (5) un-opened bottles.  Refunds will be immediately released as soon as the returned goods are received by our office.  Shipping and handling charges for returns are the responsibility of the customer/buyer.


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